Ways to share your finalized video

Congratulations! You've created a Squigl video! Now let's share it with the world.

There are two ways to do this:

1.) With a public link
2.) With an embed code

This guide will walk you through how to share your video using both ways.


Sharing your video with a public link:

Step 1: Click on the finalized video that you would like to share.


Step 2: Click on the “Tools Menu (the three blue dots)” button.


Step 3: Click on the “Share” option


Step 4: Click on the “Video is live” button to make your video live.


 TIP: Only “Live” videos can be shared. 

Step 5: Determine your share setting by checking on the box next to the share option, then click on the “Share” button.


Step 6: Click on the “Public link” button.


Step 7: Once you clicked on the “Public link” button, you should get a “Copied to clipboard!” message. 


TIP: If you did not see the “Copied to clipboard!” message after clicking on the “Public link” button, please try again.


Sharing your video with an embed code:

Repeat steps 1 - 5 from above.

Step 6a: Click on the "Embed Code" option.


Step 7a: Once you clicked on the “Embed Code” button, you should get a “Copied to clipboard!” message.