Creating a script in Squigl

Learn about the different ways to create a script for your video.

Squigl Script Image

If you are creating a video in Squigl from either Express or Expert mode, the first step begins with your script.


The script is the foundation of your video since all of the images used by Squigl are pulled from the key ideas (or keywords) in the message. 

There are four ways to create your script:


  1. Dictate
  2. Type
  3. Upload a file
  4. Via hyperlink

Script Options


Record/Dictate Script


Record your voice to have Squigl transform your speech into text.  You can save time by using this recording as your video audio in Step 2.

Type Script


Type your message directly into the text box.  You may also copy and paste text from another source into the text field.  Note that 150 characters is the minimum character count; approximately 30 - 40 words.

Upload Script 


If your narrative is already saved as a separate file, you can upload it directly.  File types accepted include .docx (Word, Google Docs), .pdf, or .txt.

Use Link or URL


Paste a link to a website you'd like to create a video off of.  Squigl will pull text from the site and upload it into the application.